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Car Types Gas

Posted on 18 March, 2017
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wtdradio.com -Car Types Gas If your owner's manual says to use an 87 octane gasoline, you're in luck! Think of all the money you'll save by buying cheap gasoline. There's no advantage to running mid-grade or premium gas in your car. If your car has a label saying "premium fuel required," you should always buy the higher grade fuel.

1. How To Know What Type Of Gas To Use

How To Know What Type Of Gas To Use  DownloadSource: www.yourmechanic.com

Car Types Gas fferent types of gas do for your car?. Use the type of gasoline (the octane rating) recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. If you believe that diesel or hybrids or flex-fuel vehicles offer better performance and less pollution than gasoline engine-powered vehicles, consider making a switch to that type of vehicle the next time you buy a car.

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What is the difference between regular and premium gas .... In regards to the effectiveness of regular gas, the Federal Trade Commission says there are no advantages to using premium gas in cars that don’t require it. The FTC states that using a higher octane on cars that don’t require it will not lead to better gas mileage or to the car running cleaner or faster.

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