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Mammals Hares Antelope Jack Rabbit

Posted on 14 April, 2019
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wtdradio.com -Mammals Hares Antelope Jack Rabbit The Antelope jackrabbit is a North American hare named after the fast-running antelope. These animals are also known for being able to run and leap quickly. Like antelopes, these hares also show flashes, as they run, of their white underside. They are one of five species of jackrabbit that inhabit different regions of North America. They are one of the biggest hares in this region and are

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Mammals Hares Antelope Jack Rabbit ackrabbit is one of the five species of jackrabbits that are found in different parts of North America. In fact, this species is among the largest hares in this region. In fact, this species is among the largest hares in this region.

Antelope jackrabbit. The antelope jackrabbit (Lepus alleni), found in Southern Arizona and Northwestern Mexico, is a species of North American hare. Within this range, it occupies dry desert areas. This species is placed in family Leporidae, which is within order Lagomorpha. Male and female antelope jackrabbits are identical in appearance.

Jack rabbits. Genus Lepus. There are three species of hares (genus Lepus) native to California: the black-tailed, the white-tailed and the snowshoe hare. The black-tailed and white-tailed hares are commonly called jack rabbits. The snowshoe (or varying hare) is known as the snowshoe rabbit.

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